Memory of Childhood, Not Long Gone, Not Long Lost by Seong Taejin

Inspired by the titular character in the seminal 1970s South Korean film, Robot Taekwon V, printmaker Seong Taejin carves hyper-textured wood panels inspired by the traditional wood carvings, then painstakingly paints them with 4-5 layers of vibrant colors or Obangsaek, the traditional Korean colour spectrum of red, black, blue, white and yellow.

In Memory of Childhood, Not Long Gone, Not Long Lost exhibition, Seong revitalizes the story of the cartoon character Taekwon V, a robot created to save kidnapped athletes and the world from an evil scientist and his giant robots, with his playful and whimsical sense of humour. The central figure in Seong’s works awakens one’s memories of a childhood and disillusionment with society, while the text carvings in the background are drawn from lines of millennial songs in popular K-pop music.
Seong’s palette brings to mind cartoon illustrations from around the world, as well as the colorful striped patterns of Saekdong, the traditional Korean costume commonly worn by children.  

Born in 1974 in South Korea, Seong Taejin studied B.F.A in Printmaking at Hong-Ik University. His works have been widely exhibited across South Korea, in several Asian countries, and in the USA. Seong’s works can be found in several private and public collections in Asia and USA including National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Dong-A Unitversity, Inc, Dong-A University and Taekwon V and Charles Saatchi. There is a strong secondary market for the artist’s works.

Solo Exhibitions
2015 Gallery LVS-WORMHOLE, Seoul
2012 Art Seasons, Singapore
2009 Gallery LVS-DREAM OF ARCADIA, Seoul
2008 Soheon Contemporary-EPISODE, Daegu
Group Exhibitions
2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
2017 Beautiful temple-Mihwangsa, Hakgojae gallery
2016 Art Central, Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong
2015 Pulse New York 2015, Metropolitan
2013 KIAF, COEX, Seoul
2012 Art Stage Singapore, Art Seasons, Singapore